Messi Injury – Barcelona Soccer Star Lionel Messi Ankle Hurt

Messi Injury – Barcelona Soccer Star Lionel Messi Ankle Hurt – Lionel Messi suffered a fairly serious ankle injury as his team went on to beat Atletico. The injury came on a tackle by Atletico defender Tomas Ijfalusi. He was taken off the field on a stretcher and it is believed that he could be out of play for the next two weeks. In an official release, the team confirmed that he had sprained ligaments in his right ankle, and had suffered no damage to the bone.

After being given the title of World Player of the Year last year, Messi has been on a tear in recent games. He will have a number of tests on Monday, when the team will get a better idea of just how hurt he truly is. Teammat3es said that they were happy to have won the game, but were sad to have done so without the help of their best player.

Luckily, a fracture was ruled out and it appears that his return will be quicker than some guessed. If he had fractured his ankle, he would have to spend over a month in a cast while it healed, and then would have an additional few weeks of rehab before he would be able to play again. The injury looked bad, but in reality it could have been much worse both for Messi and for his team. He will be missing league matches against Sporting Gijon, Real Mallorca and Athletic Bilbao.

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  1. Sonny Osborn says:

    Messi is a honest player and it’s a shame, but injury can be part of the football lifestyle. He truly is one of the world’s best football players hands down.

  2. beetoe says:

    Messi,one of the world’s greatest.Barca needs him,hope he heals quicker then we think

  3. ed says:

    I don’t think the defender had good intentions. The game was over and that play was not needed. The defender should be suspended for at least a couple of months.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I can’t belive that Atletico defender Tomas Ijfalusi is not suspended. Lionel Messi is the worlds most talented football player, and to see him get hurt like that was just as suprising as how the defender didn’t get any suspensions.

  5. mehran ghasami says:

    heloo lionel messi.i am iranian.ilove you veri mach.

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